How to be Consistent in Learning?

How to be Consistent in Learning?


If you don’t pay attention to your life on a daily basis, it will absolutely drift in a direction you may not like.” Benjamin Hardy


There is no such thing as Enough knowledge in this world in the same way there is no such thing as Enough Learning. No matter how much we know there is always something that we might not know sounds confusing right, but the vastness of knowledge cannot be compared to anything.

Being learned and knowledgeable comes from continuous learning from this vast ocean of knowledge. Nothing comes instantly. It requires immense dedication, consistency, eagerness, and willingness to grow

 Let’s take an example of two students A and B who are in college. A attends daily classes, makes regular questions, asks many doubts in classes whereas B is an irregular student, doesn't make any notes, sits at the last bench, and uses the phone and hardly has any doubts. Now when the exam comes B starts studying 1 day before whereas A just has to revise his notes. Through this example, we saw that consistent learning always pays. Our world is extravagant with all sorts of entertainment and fun things but a person who stops learning and indulges too much in inconsequential things loses his path in this world.

It is not necessary to learn or gain knowledge by enrolling yourself in some institute or by some teacher. If someone is not able to give time in such institutes, they can always Self-Learn.


Here are a few ways one can always maintain consistency in Learning:

  1. Read Daily: Making reading daily a habit is very necessary. Why? Well because it has been scientifically proven that Reading is a workout for our Brain. Also, it increases our knowledge and memory. It also helps slow down your cognitive decline with age. The best way is to start with making a list of books that you have to read in a year and then adhere to it. But don't make your list too big, initially keep it short and simple titles. This applies to a student also if preparing for some exam then make schedules and study daily, that way only you will be able to clear your Examination.
  2. Develop a new skill: These days, expanding your knowledge and skill base is more a requirement than choice. If you don't know what to study or which learning opportunities are at your disposal, try looking into the things you're curious about. Ask yourself, "What have I been interested in or passionate about since childhood?" Answer that and you'll discover the learning journey you should pursue. You'll also discover immeasurable satisfaction in learning. Whether for hobby or career purposes, learning brings joy and satisfaction, regardless of age or professional standing.
  3. Exploring: Keep exploring new things in life. It gives you insights about things you don't know. These days with easy availability of the internet the knowledge around the world is at our disposal with just one click. In the case of students, they can keep trying to explore new and more effective ways of learning or preparing for examinations.
  4. Discipline: To become a consistent Learner Self-Discipline is very necessary. All the above points can only be successful if one is disciplined enough to follow them regularly. Consistent learning is the second step but first is self-discipline. An ideal student is the one who is disciplined for he/she only becomes successful.

                                                                             -Aditi Goyal