How to choose correct Online Learning Platform?

How to choose correct Online Learning Platform?


Amidst these times of pandemic, everyone is locked in their houses and are trying to keep up with there studies and careers by learning new skills or upgrading their skills through some or other online education during Lockdown. With this being said the demand for online platforms is increasing day by day and there are a large number of such platforms available online, putting learners in dilemma on what to choose.

How do they decide which platform works best for their students? Every platform claims to have the best learning features which benefit students and teachers. They all have multiple features that are more or less similar to one another.

What then, is the differentiating factor which you should look for while selecting an online learning platform?

To make this selection process easy here are few things to adhere to while choosing a platform:

1. REQUIREMENTS: Every learner join online coaching platform with some or other goal in mind. To know your requirements, you should first know what your goals are, your goals may be to increase skill like in Math’s/English or simply it could be to prepare for MBA exams such as CAT, GMAT, XAT, NMAT. Now that you know what your goals are, you would know what you require to achieve them. List those requirements and start searching online that which platform offers you most of the requirements from your list and shortlist some of the platforms.


2. INTERACTIVE PLATFORM: Make sure whichever platform you choose is interactive i.e. it is not limited to just deliverance of lectures or learning materials. A good online education platform is one that provides interactive sessions with Mentors or Educators so that Learners can clear their doubts and are motivated. Some of the platforms these days provide customize learning journeys for each student which engages them and motivates them.


3. UPDATED RESOURCES: The most important thing while you are preparing for any exams is that you are using the right resources and are being updated about any changes related to exams. So, any online platform that Learner chooses should have the latest Study materials in adherence to the pattern of Exam in form of practice questions, Mock Tests, Study Materials, and tips and tricks beneficial for exams.


4. Authenticity of Educators: All education platform has Educators behind lectures or the study materials. But what is the guarantee that those Educators are well experienced or trained? A learner should do some research about the educator’s designation or enquire about the Educators on online Platforms before enrolling.


5. Fees Structure: When a person invests in something, they basically do research about it. The same should be done with the Online Education Platform. If you are paying for an online education course make sure to compare prices with different platforms to ensure that you are not paying more for the same resources and lectures. One should choose the best in terms of value and monetary terms.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Aditi Goyal