Importance of 'Me Time'

Importance of 'Me Time'

"Until you value yourself, you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it." —M. Scott Peck

There is by all accounts a disgrace to doing things alone (Example: "For what reason is she sitting alone, she got no companions, ah?"), that it implies you're against socialising or not deserving of friends and family. We're here to disclose to you this is absolutely not the scenario. Spending time alone is really something to be thankful for as the relationship you have with yourself is the most significant one in your life. Here are few reasons why you ought to have more personal time.

  • One good way to reframe your mind or organise is to idle yourself for a while. This will give you some space and time to analyse yourself and prioritise things in your life according to your need so that you have a clarity about your goals.
  • Having a me time will allow you to spend time with yourself and know the inner you and also how you feel about things and how differently you react to every situation. This will help you to rectify yourself in situations where you feel the need of it and help you to deal things smoothly in future.
  • Spending time alone makes you feel to appreciate your own company and that you do not feel the need of others and become less dependent on others. It’s about the fact of realization that to generate your happiness you do not require anybody else but only you.
  • Me time makes you feel so comfortable and overwhelmed that even if you are alone you do not feel lonely. We must cherish our own company and learn to do things on our own and gain experience without having the fear of being all by yourself.
  • Being without anyone else counterbalances all the customary interruptions of life and allows your mind to wander. You may very well be amazed to see your creative side thrive, regardless of whether it's only an answer for an exhausting work presentation or you could even find an innovative side you never realized you had.
  • Investing more me time makes you progressively legit with yourself and it will build up your character too as you'll understand that you don't need to claim to be somebody else.

Embracing personal time will make your life less complex as you no longer should be secured to plans with others just to keep yourself involved. One should be happy with themselves and nurture always. Once you get used to your own company and find happiness in it, you’ll look at everything else that comes your way as a bonus and appreciate them.

-Rashi Agarwalla