JEE Scholarship exam

JEE Scholarship exam

Belearno Scholarship Exams for IIT JEE / NEET - 2021

There are many students in India who want to crack JEE and NEET but they're not getting proper resources and guidance for the preparation. We wish to help all such students and parents with the assistance of online exam preparation, in order that they will also study from the simplest JEE/ NEET online faculty to clear prestigious entrance exams like IIT JEE and NEET. We specialise in providing quality online preparation for Engineering and Medical entrance examinations.

Belearno provides an online exam platform for JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, and the other competitive exams with scholarships.

KEY FEATURES at Belearno:

• Online Live Exams: Interactive sessions between competitors.

• Personal Attention and Focus.

• Time Saving and Economising.

• Proper Monitoring and Feedback: Parents can monitor the performance at every stage.

Belearno Scholarship Exam for IIT JEE / NEET is for students targeting JEE or NEET along with other engineering and medical entrance examinations in 2021.

Scholarships are going to be offered to students who clear the Belearno scholarship Exams. Students can give exams whenever they want. We provide exams every day with scholarships.

Belearno Scholarship Test details:

                         JEE EXAM SERIES

                      12AM to 6PM Everyday

Subjects Seats Questions Time
Physics 4 10 20mins
Chemistry 4 10 20mins
Maths 4 10 20mins

Steps to register on Belearno?

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: go to our app “Belearno”.

Step 2: Click on Register.

Step 3: Fill all questions.

Step 4: Activate your account.

Step 5: Login.

Step 6: once you register you will get 20 Rs. Bonus amount in your wallet.

Step 7: Click on the competition button.

Step 8: Select an exam that you simply want.

Step 9: you'll schedule your exam according to any time.

Step 10: Enroll in an exam you will get a scholarship according to your score.

Following are the guidelines you should follow as a responsible Learner:


  • Create a study schedule — and stick to it.
  • Arrive early and give yourself time to set up before the test.
  • Take a break after completing an exam and before you start to study for the next one.


  • Not participating and giving exams fee by taking loans.
  • Take a break and pause giving exams for a while if you are not answering questions correctly 3-4 times in a row as it’s breaking your confidence.
  • Not chase for gaining scholarship by paying with higher stakes.
  • Procrastinate
  • Cram your studying for some time before an exam.


Belearno believes that digital platforms combined with quality education if implemented well can make a positive difference to the students and parents. Our motive is to produce a similar physical exam experience and interaction through an online platform.

We want Belearno to be the quantity one choice of students and parents once they plan to prepare for any examination. We're here to change the way of providing education - a convenient, effective and unique online platform to organize for entrance examinations. We also prepare students for various school level (National and International) examinations.