Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning

Social and emotional skills are basically the different ways in which people interact with each other socially and the tools used to manage and control the emotions and its consequences. It includes setting goals and taking responsibility for one’s actions and emotions, being socially aware, maintaining good relationships and taking responsibility for one’s happiness and well-being.
The various aspects of social and emotional learning and its impact on studies are discussed as follow:

Increases self-awareness:
In order to have a high level of self-awareness, one needs to know and understand how their mindset, thought process and their actions are connected to each other. Social and emotional learning increases the self-awareness in students and develops concentration.

Helps in managing self:
In order to have a good power over self-management, one must have the ability to control the impulses and manage stress, work life balance and should have a sense of perseverance in order to achieve the goals. Social and emotional learning for students helps in managing oneself by having a control over their own emotions and thoughts, which will surely have a good impact on their studies.

Building good relationships:
Maintaining a good and healthy relationship requires great relationship building skills, keeping in mind the societal norms. They should be cooperative and negotiate conflicts in a constructive manner and they should also  keep an open mind and ask for favors as and when required in order to develop better relationships. Good and healthy relationships are definitely a key aspect of social and emotional learning, which promotes positive attitude.

Develops the decision making abilities:
Responsible decision making involve the skills to understand and analyze various ethical standards, behavioral norms, keeping in mind the happiness, safety and comfort of oneself and others. It also includes the ability to make a realistic and practical calculation of the consequences of several situations and actions.

-Nibisha Sharma